How To 420 in 2020

What is 420?

Here's a brief breakdown of where the term 420 came from, how the marijuana holiday has evolved and what it means today.

The Origin of 420

The term “420” was coined in the 1970s by a group of five friends from San Rafael, CA who would regularly meet up at 4:20pm to partake in marijuana. As it wasn’t yet legal, “420” became their code word.

420 Catches on

4:20pm soon became that go-to time to start a session with friends. “420-friendly” came to mean that a group, place or event was open to adult-use marijuana and April 20th, since it falls on 4/20, has become the unofficial holiday to celebrate marijuana.

A Day for Change

As marijuana legalization has gained steam over the years, April 20th has given rise to growing rallies, trade shows, and concerts—all to advocate for legislation, normalize its use, and celebrate marijuana culture.

420 For All

Nowadays 4/20 is open to the masses, as marijuana use gains acceptance in the mainstream. What started off with a cult-following has expanded to a world where ultimately everyone is free to feel like marijuana can be right for them.

420 In 2020

This April 20th will feel very different than years past. As we look for ways to stay well while staying apart, there’s no better time to have a little marijuana on hand. We may not get to pass it around among friends, like how it all began, but we can still share the vibe virtually.

5 safe and simple ways to honor the marijuana holiday:

This April, we're all learning how to live apart, yet remain connected. The concept of "420" has always been a communal event—this year just requires a bit more ingenuity to safely carry on that tradition. Here's some inspiration to get you started:

Micro Mornings

Rise and shine–it's micro time! Microdosing, as the name implies, means consuming a very small amount to feel more focused or creative. Low-dosed products that have a balance of CBD and THC offer an approachable way to start the day.

Afternoon Stroll

Nature walks can improve your sense of well-being. Take a walk with someone you live with or a nature-loving dog for some fresh air. If you're lucky enough to live near a forest or nature preserve, take advantage of it.

Long Distance Session

Video chat with close friends or family members while enjoying a microdose off a vape pen. Amazing what sharing laughs with familiar faces can do for the soul.

Get Cooking

Spark creativity in the kitchen with some sativa flower. Summon your chef skills and treat yourself by making a delicious meal that sparks joy. Your home will smell incredible!

Late Night Screening

Indulge in a vape pen and cue up some marijuana-friendly content such as stand-up comedians, funny movies or a sitcom marathon featuring a series you love.

Here's How To Safely Shop and Session This 420:

Order online. Pick up in store.

Social distancing is key, that’s why shops like CY+ offer online ordering, so there’s no need to wait in line.

Wash Hands Frequently.

Like with trips to the grocery store or takeout, and just about everything else — wash hands well after any outside interactions.

Start low and go slow.

Especially with edibles, give yourself an hour or so to settle into it before taking more than the minimum recommended dose.

Don't share vapes.

These days, it's best practice to keep anything that hits your lips to yourself.

Enjoy the ride.

For this moment anyways, turn down the news, relinquish any tendency to tackle all the world's problems and focus on simple things that can bring you joy.

Now that you're inspired....

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