About CY+

Proudly made in Pennsylvania

Advocates, business leaders & medical professionals

Our team is made up a mix of life long Pennsylvania residents and cannabis advocates with years of successful experience in highly regulated industries and creating jobs across Pennsylvania.

Serving the SW Pennsylvania community for over 50 years across various industries gives us unique insights into the needs of the local population.

Our Core Mission & Focus

Community Service

From local event sponsorships to direct resource givebacks, being a great neighbor is part of our DNA.

Patient Education

Be it a public awareness campaign or our first of it's kind learning center, education is something we're fanatical about.

Industry Advocacy

We're staunch believers in the power of medical marijuana and routinely support causes the increase patient access.

In partnership with CRESCOlabs

Locally operated with nationally recognized expertise

CY+ Dispensary and Cresco Yeltrah is a partnership between Cresco Labs, one of the nation's leading medical marijuana companies and the Hartley family of Southwest Pennsylvania. They Hartley's own and operate a number of successful, highly regulated businesses through the state, employing over 350 people across the state.

Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, Cresco Labs operates nearly 20 facilities across 6 different highly regulated markets. Cresco has quickly become a fan favorite of patients and regulators alike, because of our dedication to providing the best experience and products to the patients we serve.

2/15/2018 - A Historic Moment!

The first ever sale in the Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Program